FATRI will attend the European International Wind Energy Conference and presents its new condition monitoring & data analytics Smart Wind Power Solution

From:    未知 Time:    2022-03-16
On April 5th, the European International Wind Energy Conference and Expo, Wind Europe, will be held in Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC), Spain. FATRI France will take part in the exhibition with Smart Wind Power Solutions.

At the same time, world-renowned large-scale wind power generation and equipment suppliers will participate in the exhibitions, such as Wind Energy International Group, Siemens, GE, Hitachi, Nokia, SKF, etc., as well as important international investment fund companies, etc. As the world's most valuable intelligent core hardware supplier.
Norbert Ducrot, senior executive vice president of FATRI International, and Andreja Erbes, director of FATRI European R&D Center, will come to the scene to present FATRI’s Smart Wind Power Solutions to the attendees and customers
Senior Executive Vice President of FATRI International Norbert Ducrot
Director of FATRI European R&D Center Andreja Erbes
Wind power equipment mostly operate in the environment with difficult natural conditions and poor accessibility. Continuous operation and reliability of wind farms is ensured through periodic inspections and hardware incident resolutions. The demand for digitization and efficient maintenance is critical.
We strive to achieve fully predictive maintenance solutions by improving overall equipment reliability, maintainability and economy, so as to reduce the number of on-duty personnel, shorten the supply time of spare parts and improve the operation reliability. Therefore, the industry's call for intelligent operation and maintenance is higher.
During this conference, FATRI will showcase the wind power predictive maintenance systems. This customer solution optimizes the whole life-cycle health management of the wind turbine equipment. FATRI’s full range of “end-edge-cloud” wind power application products will be presented.
The system and solutions of FATRI's exhibition include Smart Wind Power Solutions which includes:
FATRI Smart Wind Power Solution, based on advanced sensor technology and edge computing advantages, monitors the running state of large components of wind turbine in real time, including on-line vibration monitoring of wind turbine transmission chain, lubricating oil quality monitoring of wind turbine gearbox, wind turbine tower and foundation condition monitoring, wind turbine blade condition monitoring, etc., early warning of early faults of wind turbine, making maintenance plan as soon as possible, reducing downtime, and realizing the transformation from wind turbine fault maintenance and scheduled maintenance to state maintenance operation mode.
Our system integrates the current advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. The overall design idea of the system is modularization, scalability and configurability. On this basis, it provides a variety of product forms to meet various scene applications. Functionally, it has the functions of data acquisition and edge calculation, and has the advantages of modularization, easy expansion and support for secondary development in application. It can provide a strong high-grade protection structure, adapt to industrial sites with complex environment and harsh conditions, and realize rapid on-site business deployment.
FATRI Smart Wind Power Solution includes sensors in the perception layer, data collection and edge calculation, operator network layer, cloud platform tool kit and user terminal application layer. Among them, sensors, data acquisition and edge computing system, and cloud platform tool kit are all independently designed and developed by FATRI, and have passed strict performance test and reliability verification.

FATRI Smart Wind Power Solution has been installed and applied in various wind farms in China, bringing customers convenient and intelligent experience of transportation and innovation. At present, FATRI's advanced system is gradually opening up the market in Europe, and is committed to moving towards a new era of smart wind power system.
On April 5th, FATRI Booth will be in the Hall1-F61.
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