FATRI Has Appointed Andreja Erbes as the Director of European R&D Center

From:    未知 Time:    2021-12-13

Recently, FATRI announced the appointment of Mr. Andreja Erbes as the director of FATRI's European R&D Center located in Sophia Antipolis, France. He belongs to FATRI France Branch and reports to Dr. Bill Nie, Chairman of FATRI.

Andreja received the M.Eng., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, in 2011, 2014 and 2015 respectively, in electrical and electronic engineering. He has been an exchanged student at MIT, in which he was engaged in novel RF MEMS research. He published dozens of international patents and R&D papers, and he is a contributor to IEEE sensor journals. Before joining FATRI, Andreja served as the director of the MEMS R&D Center in an high-Technology. With rich R&D and management experience, Andreja's main research fields include RF MEMS, sensors and actuators, thin film piezoelectric, and millimeter wave radio frequency integrated circuits, etc.

△Dr. Andreja Erbes

After joining the company, Andreja and the local R&D team in China can form a joint effort on R&D, mass production, tape-out, and project promotion of international cutting-edge sensors and chips. Andreja would launch interaction and cooperation with the local semiconductor industry group in the Sophia Science and Technology Park in France. He can also help conduct in-depth exchanges of talents, and establish atalent pool for sustainable development and a virtuous cycle, in order to maintain the core capabilities of FATRI in R&D and innovation.

FATRI has been continuously active in Europe. Not long ago, FATRI just appointed Mr. Norbert Ducrot as the company's international Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager of FATRI France Branch. After Andreja’s appointment, FATRI France Branch's organizational structure of management and R&D team has been basically improved, which has further enhanced FATRI's reputation in the European market and international core competitiveness.

FATRI is an IDM company with comprehensive capabilities in design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of silicon andnon-silicon-based chips. It does not need to rely on traditional EDA software design libraries. FATRI has the ability to independently develop and design large-scale digital-analog hybrid SoC integrated circuits from deep submicron processes, as well as process development capabilities based on MEMS sensor chips. Meanwhile, FATRI invested nearly 600 million yuan to build China's most advanced processing platform for MEMS devices, equipped with a 6-inch production line of smart sensor chips. At present, FATRI has non-silicon-based, silicon-based and micro-processing chips, covering high-end accelerometers, pressure, infrared, gas, metal particles, signal processing, AI and other products. It combines advanced automatic welding, packaging, and testing technologies to produce high-performance and high-stability sensors, which are widely used in various industrial testing fields.

Paris is the headquarters of FATRI in Europe. This city is also the forefront of expanding to the European market for FATRI. With Norbert and Andreja's professional experience and strategic vision, FATRI is expected to quickly expandits international business.