FATRI's CD0319 Chip in Mass Production for Blood Pressure Measurement

From:    未知 Time:    2021-09-23

Recently, FATRI's CD0319 pressure chip has been verified by several medical customers and has officially entered mass production for commercial use.


                                                                                      △CD0319 enters mass production.
The CD0319 chip is a medical interventional blood pressure measurement chip for blood pressure measurement with good zero input, very high nonlinearity and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
The CD0319 can be applied to preoperative examination or postoperative follow-up, such as arterial embolism measurement, cardiovascular pressure measurement, intracranial pressure measurement, flow reserve fraction FFR, cardiac pump outlet pressure measurement, body cavity blood pressure measurement and animal experiments.
                                                            △Parameters comparison between CD0319 and other brands
Overall, the FATRI CD0319 has the following advantages over competing products.
- The range is smaller and meets the standard for blood pressure use. In the industry, 300mmHg is a standard range of blood pressure. Brand A adopts the form of absolute pressure converted to table pressure, and the range is actually 300mmHg pressure, which is in line with the standard. The range of brand B is relatively large, and the error is also large.
- The bridge arm resistance range of CD0319 is different and the tolerance range is narrower. Brand A and CD0319 both have a median bridge arm resistance of 2000Ω, but CD0319 has a narrower tolerance range, and Brand B has a median bridge arm resistance of 3450Ω.
- CD0319 has the best resistance symmetry. Objectively, the better the resistance symmetry, the better the actual zero output after matching the full bridge. As seen in the graph, the resistance error of CD0319 is only 1.8%, which is clearly better.
                                                                                          △CD0319 noise Allan variance
- Thermal zero drift error: Brand A is on par with CD0319, and Brand B has a larger gap.
- Photosensitive characteristics: Brand A is inferior to CD0319 and Brand B. The photoelectric effect of PN junction in MEMS devices can cause deviation of chip output, which is especially obvious under some strong light sources, such as surgical lights, and photosensitive sensitive products are easy for operators to misjudge.
- Electrostatic ESD. CD0319 and brand A both meet the EU standard of 15kV, while brand B is only 2kV.
To summarize: CD0319 maintains the same level as the competition in several parameters, and outperforms the competition in key parameters such as resistance symmetry, thermal drift, photosensitivity characteristics and electrostatic ESD.
Up to now, FATRI has released 4 self-developed chips in 2021, demonstrating FATRI's notable strength in the semiconductor industry. As an IDM chip supplier, FATRI has advanced MEMS/ASIC/SoC and non-silicon based chip design, manufacturing, and packaging capabilities. Based on these advanced core technologies, FATRI can provide customers with both high-quality chip products alone, as well as corresponding modules and solutions, using FATRI's advanced sensors, edge computing products and corresponding development kits We help customers quickly build A-IoT systems with monitoring and control functions.
FATRI started with aviation chips and sensors, then moved into the energy track, the automotive chip market, and now is extending into consumer electronics. FATRI Beijing mainly develops ASIC chips, Shanghai subsidiary focuses on AI SoC chips, Xi'an subsidiary researches edge computing, and Shenzhen subsidiary researches and develops cloud kits. The "end-edge-cloud" ecosystem established by FATRI will enable civil aviation, rail transportation, energy and power, automotive electronics, medical, and consumer electronics to complete intelligent transformation and upgrade as soon as possible.
CD0319 chip has been mass produced, welcome customers to call to discuss, order and purchase.
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