Norbert Ducrot Joins FATRI as Senior EVP International

From:    未知 Time:    2021-09-16

FATRI has appointed Norbert Ducrot as Senior Executive Vice President International, effective 1 September 2021. He will also be leading the FATRI France Branch. In this role, Norbert reports to Bill Nie, Chairman of FATRI.
Before joining FATRI, Norbert held a variety of positions in several corporations. He has more than 30 years’ professional experiences in top management of international groups in aerospace & defense.
Norbert began his industry career in 1980 as aeronautical software engineer for Dassault Electronique Company. He subsequently joined Thales Group in the United States as Program Director. In 1992, Norbert became the Business Development Manager for Thales Group, responsible for US and Middle East market. He then was hired by MATRA & MBDA, a subsidiary of EADS Group, in charge of all sales and marketing activities in Asia-Pacific. Nobert joined Airbus Group (Airbus Helicopters) in 2003 as the Senior Vice President for Asia-Pacific and Chairman of Samaero Singapore. From 2013 to 2018, he was named as the President and CEO of Airbus Helicopters China and Chairman of Airbus Helicopters Japan and South Korea. During this term, Airbus Helicopters China successfully launched the first helicopter assembly line in Qingdao, the cooperation with AVIC group on AC352 Helicopters and held 60% market share in commercial helicopters in China.
FATRI is an integrated device manufacturer (IDM) with comprehensive capabilities in chip and sensor material synthesis, chip design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing. It is dedicated to the control and monitoring of civil aviation, energy, health care, transportation, and industrial equipment, and it is capable of creating the systematic solutions that integrate end-edge-carrier-cloud-application for customers.
With Nobert’s professional experiences and strategic view working in top 500 enterprises, FATRI will be expected to expand international business rapidly, especially in aviation & aerospace fields. He will also work to reinforce the international organization structure of FATRI and enhance its core competitiveness.