Official announcement! FATRI launches self-developed MCU chip CU0801A

From:    未知 Time:    2021-06-23

Recently, FATRI has once again launched its own chip, CU0801A.
CU0801A is a 32-bit high performance and low power dissipation universal microcontroller based on RSIC-V architecture. The RISC-V processor is suitable for low power consumption and small area embedded applications and has multiple high-efficiency micro-architecture features such as simple dynamic branch prediction, instruction prefetch buffer, and local memory.
CU0801A provides up to 256 KB embedded Flash memory for program / data storage, and up to 96 KB embedded SRAM memory for system operation and application. It has a variety of peripherals, such as 14 bit SAR ADC, I2C, UART, SPI, IWDT, RTC, etc.
Chips emerge because of demand. CU0801A is dedicated to intelligent sensor applications, PLC, power monitoring, alarm systems, handheld devices, data recording applications, motor control and PC peripherals and other industrial and consumer applications. It is suitable for sensor, industrial control, power monitoring and other small signal acquisition applications.  Examples are as follows:

Intelligent sensor                           industrial control                        medical instruments

The CU0102B chip is manufactured using 0.18um CMOS BCD process and is integrated with piezoelectric sensors such as piezoelectric accelerometers, pressure and MEMS piezoelectric microphones to produce stable and reliable IEPE sensors.  Following the release of the CU0102B in April, just two months later, FATRI released another self-developed chip again, confirming its excellent technical strength.

△FATRI CU0102B chip

As an IDM chip company, FATRI is based on the full chain capabilities of MEMS, SoC and CPU chips and sensors design, manufacturing, packaging and testing and with the help of the general trend of digitalization, FATRI is ramping up to build end-side security, edge computing and cloud platform in the new digital infrastructure driven by consumption, industry and policy, we will join hands with ecological partners to realize common value and provide a core flexible engine for the development of the global digital economy.
FATRI has unique advantages in R&D capabilities, equipment investment and process improvement, and has developed a series of small and beautiful, small and fine, small and strong products.  Based on the self-developed MEMS, ASIC and MCU smart chips, FATRI empowers sensors and data collectors, turning ordinary sensors into smart sensors, and ordinary data acquisition into smart data acquisition. Based on intelligent hardware, FATRI developed an operating system applied to intelligent edge calculation and intelligent cloud industry solutions, forming an integrated solution of “end-edge-carrier-cloud-application. The company realizes independent innovation and control from multiple links including chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing.
FATRI has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Xiamen, Quanzhou, France and the United States, among which the core R&D personnel account for more than 90 % of masters and doctors. The chip team comes from the top 500 chip enterprises in the world, such as Samsung and TSMC. FATRI has passed the industry highest quality management certification-AS9100D aerospace standard and ISO17025 quality certification system.
The MCU chip released this time is still developed by the Beijing Research Institute of FATRI. The team members of the Beijing Research Institute are all from the world’s top 500 companies and first-class universities in China and abroad. The team has experience in chip design, software and hardware development, visual perception and other fields. In the future, Beijing Research Institute will continue to release a series of MCU chips.
CU0801A is about to be mass-produced, and customers from industrial control, energy and power, medical equipment, consumer electronics, etc. are welcome to consult and book.  Reservation telephone: 0595-22037880