FATRI Released Temperature, Humidity and Pressure three-in-one sensor

From:    未知 Time:    2021-06-07

Recently, FATRI once again developed a new product with excellent technical strength. The new product released this time is a temperature, humidity and pressure three-in-one sensor.

RYZD01-001 temperature, humidity and pressure sensor is designed based on MEMS technology to integrate pressure, temperature and relative humidity detection on the same product. The integrated temperature and humidity sensor based on MEMS technology has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, low cost and easy integration, and it can also greatly improve the consistency and reliability of the device, which is easy to form batch production capacity.  The high resolution and linearity of the sensor make it an ideal choice for environmental and altitude monitoring in applications such as smartphones, tablets, HVAC and weather stations.

Based on the FATRI MEMS technology, it uses two sensors with unique MEMS technology to measure pressure, humidity and temperature. It benefits from the experience in R&D and mass-production of sensor modules over the past few years.

△ RYZD01 series temperature, humidity and pressure three-in-one sensor

This integrated sensor is mainly made of monocrystalline silicon, polymer film and titanium platinum. Temperature measurement adopts MEMS bandgap structure, humidity measurement adopts MEMS polymer humidity sensitive capacitance and pressure measurement adopts MEMS piezoresistive sensitive membranes. Compared with general integrated sensors, this sensor has the advantages of simple structure, simple process and high precision.

This product can be used for absolute pressure measurement within 1 MPa pressure range and is suitable for non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluid, such as clean dry air, dry gas, etc.

Important parameters: Supply Voltage: 3.3-3.6V Humidity Measurement Range: 0-100 % RH Temperature Measurement Range: -40-80°C Pressure Measurement Range: 1-3Mpa Peak Voltage: 3.8Vdc

This product is used in consumer electronics and industrial markets such as industrial power, water conservancy and automation. It is also used in smartphones and tablets, HVAC, weather stations, printers, household appliances and so on. Customers are welcome to request samples.

About FATRI:

FATRI is a chip high-tech company operating in IDM mode. Our high-tech solutions cover civil aviation, rail transit, electrical power, steel industry, wind power and consumer electronics. FATRI is committed to the deep integration of the physical world and the digital world, using advanced chips, edge computing, digital twins and industrial Internet of Things technology to solve difficult economic and social challenges, leading mankind into an intelligent era. Based on innovation, FATRI has been promoting growth for a long time and implemented the strategy of intelligence and globalization.

At present, FATRI has five research institutes in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Xiamen, and production bases in Quanzhou and Pingxiang. It also has branches in France and the United States. The company devotes more than 40% of its revenue to R&D, and 90% of all researchers have masters or PhDs. We are willing to work with customers from all over the world to create an interconnected, smarter, safer and more sustainable world!