FATRI Lab, established in 2015, aspires to become an influential private research institution in China. Based on the principle of academic equality and independence, FATRI Lab gathers researchers invarious fields with dreams.Relying on the advanced instruments and equipment of the institute, these researchers focus on the research of micro-nano technology, molecular biology technology, new sensing technology, artificial intelligence, modern instrumentation and other aspects.

FATRI Lab (Xiamen)

FATRI Lab (Xiamen), the headquarter of FATRI Lab, focuses on new materials, MEMS CHIP & AI CHIP, sensor and data acquisition board/card and artificial intelligence data analysis software platform. Lab (Xiamen) is committed to the mechanical diagnosis system of transportation and industrial equipment, road and bridge health monitoring system, ubiquitous electric internet of things full scene sensory perceptual system and vehicle-road collaboration system. The Lab, located in the coastal city of Xiamen, China, has more than 90% of its researchers with master's or doctoral degrees. The Lab will always adhere to the attitude of reverence for life, using the original highly reliable technology, to help aviation, aerospace, rail transit, medical care, people's livelihood, automobile, industry and many other fields to transfer from the information age into the era of intelligence.

FATRI Lab (Xi'an)

FATRI Lab (Xi'an) was established in December 2017, located in Xi'an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone, based on independent developed sensor and MEMS chips, FATRI Lab (Xi'an) focuses on the research and development of the health monitoring and control system of all kinds of electrical and mechanical (electronic) equipment, which is mainly modular designed and the system is piled up. This system can be widely used in industrial manufacturing, security, civil aviation and aerospace, rail transportation, energy, and other fields, help them to realize intellectualization.

FATRI Lab (Shenzhen)

FATRI Lab (Shenzhen) was established in June 2019 with the main research direction of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence platform and IoT operating system and
chip design.
In the future, FATRI (Shenzhen) will use MEMS chip technology, nano materials,functional ceramics and other new materials, AI algorithm, biotechnology and other comprehensive technology with independent intellectual property rights to extend the system to a wide range of applications of the Internet of Things, to achieve a smart Internet of Things.

FATRI Lab (Beijing)

FATRI Lab (Beijing) was established in January 2018 and is now mainly focused on the R&D and marketing of artificial intelligence algorithm, sensor technology, functional materials technology, data acquisition, signal processing technology and modern communication technology.
FATRI Lab (Beijing) also has an ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuits)Chip Design Department. ASIC chips, which can be integrated with piezoelectric sensors, are characterized by wide frequency band, high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, simple structure, reliable operation and light weight, and can be applied in sensor, IoT and industrial Internet fields.

FATRI Lab (Shanghai)

FATRI Lab (Shanghai) focuses on chip design and application scenario design.
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