Brief Introduction

FATRI Elevator Fault Diagnosis System monitors the elevator in real-time with external sensors that are not programmed into the elevator system. As an intelligent solution that satisfies national regulatory laws and regulations on elevator safety, the platform provides full lifecycle management services, including fault warning, data management, governmental regulation, property management, O&M, and passenger emergency call.

System Architecture

System Functions

All-day 24-hour Real-Time Status Detection

The elevator fault monitoring system monitors the elevator in real-time with sensors installed at each operation node of the elevator.

Artificial Intelligent Elevator Fault Diagnosis

The cloud server analyzes the fault data through AI technology,classifies the analyzed faults into Al, and makes available the elevator abnormal information to the property or maintenance personnel to realize the early warning of possible or pending elevator faults.

Prediction of Elevator Faults

The information collected by the various sensors is analyzed and processed in real-time through edge computing technology. When the processed data is different from the normal elevator  data, the lower computer will transmit this information to the cloud server to realize elevator fault prediction.

Emergency Response System

If an incident occurs within the elevator, the system will send an intelligent alarm immediately to the responsible personnel to speed up the necessary emergency or maintenance response.  At the same time the system will provide comfort to the stranded passengers emotions using video and voice communication. 

Key Monitoring Points

Monitoring of Elevator movement when the door is open;The Door Failed to Open Accurately on Floor;Door Opening Timeout;Traction Machine Brake Monitoring;Safety Loop Monitoring Door Lock Loop Monitoring.

System Effects

  • Early Warning in Advance

    Early Warning in Advance

    Through the collection and monitoring of key signals from sensors to identify anomalies that sends an alarm, locates the fault causes of sudden anomalies, and predicts the time window of gradual faults, thus providing fault analysis reports and maintenance suggestions.

  • When the Accident Occurs

    When the Accident Occurs

    If an incident occurs within the elevator, the system will send an intelligent alarm immediately to the responsible personnel to reduce the emergency. 

  • Retrospective


    FATRI Health Monitoring system has the capability of massive data storage and intelligent analysis, which can record the entire scenario of the incident/accident, and restore the scene if an accident occurs in all directions,assisting government functional departments to trace the accident.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce Costs

    Reduce maintenance costs by 30%,reduce the number of manual inspections, and improve management efficiency.

  • Timely Response

    Timely Response

    When passengers are trapped in the elevator, five parties immediately respond to ensure the safety of the trapped passengers in time.The system carries out fault detection and reports elevator data in time, so that troubleshooting,correction action and prevention is more efficient.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Enhanced Safety

    Forward-looking maintenance improves safety,evaluates elevator health in advance and maintenance in time eliminating potential safety hazards which ensures passenger safety and prolongs elevator life.

  • Easy to Supervise

    Easy to Supervise

    Property and maintenance personnel can monitor and check the elevator status in real time through platforms and APP to view and supervise the safety of the elevator system. 

System Hardware Equipment