With the rapid development of intelligent sensors, smart devices, Internet of Things and cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology

System constitution


  • Advanced technology

    Advanced technology

    It adopts ACES architecture model for intelligent awareness of presence, edge computing, ubiquitous connectivity, and intelligent end-to-end applications of the power grid. 

  • Ubiquitous connectivity

    Ubiquitous connectivity

    Using IoT architecture, it supports reliable monitoring and extensive data connectivity of massive devices.

  • Flexible customization

    Flexible customization

    Flexible tailoring and special customization to customer's differentiated needs.

  • Intelligent applications

    Intelligent applications

    Provides a variety of applications such as health management of power equipment, feeder automation of distribution network and evaluation of system operation safety.

  • By using intelligent awareness

    By using intelligent awareness

    By using intelligent awareness of presence on the equipment, the daily inspection work of the operation personnel can be reduced by 80%.

  • Predictive diagnosis

    Predictive diagnosis

    l Predictive diagnosis through edge computing reduces equipment failure and power outage time by 30%.

  • Intelligent analysis

    Intelligent analysis

    Intelligent analysis through big data and artificial intelligence can improve the security and reliability level of the system by 20%.

Application scenarios

  • intelligent substation solution

  • intelligent medium voltage swit

  • intelligent ring-network unit s

  • intelligent cable solution

  • intelligent overhead line solut

  • intelligent low voltage switch