With advanced sensor measurement systems, FATRI's health monitoring system provides data collection andanalysis for monitoring signals such as temperature, pressure, vibration and lubrication from large online units.This provides data supportfor equipment condition monitoring and troubleshooting. Then the intelligent analysis software will further process and analysis the test information, and estimate the operationstatusof the equipment according to intelligent algorithm to forecast and feedback running and maintenance information.

System composition

Intelligent sensor suite

Stress and strain sensors、Acceleration sensors、Speed sensors、Displacement sensors、Force sensors、 Distance sensors、Acoustic emission sensors、Temperature sensors、Humidity sensors、Positioning sensors、 Visual sensors、Gas sensors、Taste sensors、Oil quality sensors、Current and voltage sensors、Friction Efficiency、PM2.5 Sensors、Flame detection sensors、Inertial navigation sensors

Intelligent acquisition server

This is an integrated and modular data collector, which can be expanded by modularization. It can be used for input of different types of sensors and is suitable for a wide range of test, measurement and data acquisition applications.

Cloud Platform

With data, computing power, and algorithms as the core, artificial intelligence is driving the digital transformation of enterprises. Cloud Platform combined machine neuro system is a modern data-intensive application. At the end side, sensors constantly generate monitoring data. And the cloud platform conduct real-time AI analysis for massive time series and time space data, forming the intelligent decision map integrated with multi-source information.


Application Scenarios

  • energy

  • aerospace

  • automotive

  • aerospace

  • industrial

  • rail transit

  • ships