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Things as a Service (TaaS) Cloud is a modern data-intensive application enabling platform that is able to support universal ports and connect with various industry applications. The cloud platform conducts intelligent analysis of massive time-series/spatio-temporal data, thus forming a smart decision-making map which integrates multi-dimensional information. Through opening source codes for widespread collaboration, TaaS Cloud can combine the latest developments of academia and industry to build the world’s leading intelligent cloud platform which features the distributed, highly reliable and secure, real-time responsive operation. The platform is so flexible in deployment that it can be deployed in any of the following forms: public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud, as actually needed by users.

Cloud Framework


CMP connection management: mainstream protocols supported and private protocols supported after expansion.
DMP equipment management: equipment brought under the full lifecycle management and OTA supported.
AEP application empowerment: universal components provided along with open SDKs and standard APIs.
BAP business analysis: big data and AI computing analysis supported.

Performance and Stability

Stability: Actual availability of stable operation is up to 99.99%.
Expandability: Platforms are allowed to expand their capacity dynamically.
High performance: 2 billion requests are processed per month on average, with 20 million concurrent requests handled per second at most.


Security control: A unique certificate is produced for each device.
Data access control: The role permission control system is defined flexibly.
Data privacy control: Data ownerships are divided clearly.
Secure access to existing subsystems: There is an https bidirectional authentication mechanism.

User Friendliness

Quickstart: A quick development guide is provided so that developers can get started fast.
Abundant industry solutions: A wide range of industry solutions are available to put projects in operation swiftly.

Product Positioning