Introduction to the System

At FATRI, our self-developed intelligent edge computing system (hereinafter"the System") encompasses two parts, that is, a computing control unit and a data gathering unit. The System sees its internal and external communication rates both reaching 1,000Mbps. The computing control unit supports the data storage function, which makes sure original data can be stored locally at the moment when network disconnection takes place, and then be uploaded to the cloud for failure analysis after network recovery. When single devices cannot meet the demand raised by a large system under its application scenarios, it is feasible to expand the system capacity by using cascade connection or hierarchical network, thus catering to the data gathering and processing needs put forth by the large system.

System Components

Advantages of the System


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16-bit data acquisition unit
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24-bit data acquisition unit
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Application Scenarios

Highly real-time data transmission scenario

Some examples are listed as below: intelligent manufacturing, smart city, video security system, intelligent transportation, and smart home.

A user-centric approach include unmanned supermarkets, retail restores, and banks.

Some intelligent technology-enabled livelihood, service and consumption fields

Limited communication bandwidth scenario

For instance, intelligent systems are developed to cover unattended areas and isolated islands of information.

information security protection system scenario

Airports and stations are protected in a way the same as private venues and facilities, for example.