Advanced Materials

Different from traditional material, advanced material is a novel kind which has better physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Based on sensor technique, FATRI developed a series of novel materials focusing on the needs of the sensor industrial chain, expanded the use of novel materials in areas such as sensors. This series mainly includes: Core sensitive materials, Core connection technologies, Other functional materials.

Core sensitive materials

Piezoelectric ceramic

It's a series of piezoelectric materials, including PZT, NBT, CBNO, PMN-PT and piezoelectric composite. It is doped with rare-earth elements and has an optimized structure, making it suitable for piezoelectric acceleration sensor, pressure sensor, transducer, piezoelectric motor, etc. Meanwhile, FATRI creatively put forward the method of multi-layer ceramic composite for temperature drift compensation, which dramatically improved the accuracy of piezoelectric acceleration sensor with temperature drift in high temperature environments, providing important guarantee for the application of its sensors in civil aviation and aerospace.

Piezoelectric ceramic

Encapsulated glass poewder

Independently developed FTG series glass powder to meet the sealing needs of connectors at extreme temperatures and different materials,and gradually expending into the field of MEMS chip bonding.

Flexible polymer

The flexible polymer film with a core of PDMS composites has fine strength and flexibility. It can quickly sense changes in external pressure and convert it to a 3D pressure map, making it widely used for monitoring health parameters like plantar pressure and pulse.

Core connection technologies

Cable & Connector

As a bridge for electrical connection and signal transmission between devices, components and systems, cable & connector is a basic element in building a complete electrical system. FATRI's cable & connector includes high temperature armoured cable, low-noise cable, high-temperature connector, 5G connector, etc. all with features like low noise, good air tightness, high temperature insulation performance and so on. They're widely used in areas of sensors, civil aviation and aerospace, 5G, etc.

Glass packaging materials

FATRI developed a series of glass powder, including molybdenum group, platinum group and High temperature and high insulation series of packaging glass powder. They share features of good thermal stability and structural stability, making them suitable for packaging of different temperature and base material. They're widely used in areas of cable end coating, connector packaging, and the sealing of solid oxide fuel cell.

Nanometallic solder

It's the core material connecting ceramic and metal. Through low temperature sintering (≤ 300 ℃), FATRI's nano Ag solder can be made into devices with advantages from both ceramic (high strength and resistance to high temperature and wear) and metal (high plasticity, toughness and impact resistance). These devices are playing important roles in fields of aerospace, machinery and energy.

Other functional materials

Thermal insulation material

FATRI's thermal insulation material is based on silicon-based flexible aerogel, and mixed with different resins and fiberglass. It can be used for thermal insulation of the target object through spraying, filling and cladding, meeting insulation needs in buildings, pipes, sensors, etc.