Sensor Leasing Service

Provide financing solutions for partners

FATRI is committed to providing our clients with the best cooperation experience and establishing a close relationship with them. We provide strategic partners with a range of financing solutions, such as equipment financial leasing and operating leasing, to help customers achieve their business objectives -- optimizing cash flow, increasing financial flexibility, and achieving growth and profitability targets.

What is financial leasing?

Financial leasing means that the lessor buys the specified equipment from the supplier designated by the lessee according to the requirements of the lessee, and transfers the right of use and income of the equipment to the lessee. The lessee pays the rent by installments, and the ownership of the equipment is transferred to the lessee after the rent is paid.

What benefits does financial leasing bring to customers?

Solve the initial fund problem of the project.

Invest the future income into the current construction to accelerate the project. Rent before buying, is advantageous to the enterprise to update the equipment in time, and maintains the equipment advancement and the technical competitiveness.

Optimize financial statements.

Get tax dividends.

What are the advantages of financial leasing?

The purchase of equipment in a lump sum will consume a large amount of capital, which will affect the capital liquidity of enterprises and bank credit lines. This problem is particularly prominent in the context that traditional loans are difficult to obtain.

Leasing & Financing Solutions:

We will evaluate the lessee from the following aspects:

Type and experience of enterprises: government institutions, large state-owned enterprises, or having a dominant position in the industry.

Key financial indicators (debt ratio, bank loans, etc.).

Business situation: the project income of applying for financial leasing business.

Corporate credit status: including credit rating and social credit.

Financial Leasing Process

After-sales Service