Chip Foundry

FATRI sets MEMS chip manufacturing center in Quanzhou, apart from R&D, design and manufacturing, the center also provides high-end chip foundry service. The chip manufacturing center is equipped with photolithography, thin film, diffusion, etching and testing workshop, which provides the chip design and manufacturing platform for customers, and can build individual processes according to the needs of customers to complete the needs of mass production of customers' chips.


Spin coater, developing machine, hot plate welding machine

Strict line width and alignment control are critical to build complex MEMS. Many products require multiple reticle masks.
Vacuum contact exposure has a resolution of over 0.8um, and positioning accuracy:
surface ≤±0.5um, bottom ≤±1um. CD control: +/-1um, counterpoint: +/-1um

Bonding Process

By "external action", multiple substrates are "glued" together. For different bonding modes and bonding principles, we use gold silicon bonding and anode bonding. Wafer bonding process provides customers with different design requirements, including fusion bonding, hot pressing bonding, eutectic metal bonding, intermediate closure process, anode bonding.


A diffusion furnace tube and a quick annealing machine are provided for the hot oxidation,
annealing and diffusion processes of chip manufacturing


Including wet etching and dry etching


Chemical mechanical grinding system, including wafer pasting machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, provides chip pasting and thinning process